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If you have a question we have not answered here, please contact us and ask.

About Our Holidays

  1. Where can I get more information about a specific trip?

    We have detailed dossiers available for each itinerary, which are available to download on this website from the relevant holiday page. As well as the day-by-day itinerary, each dossier has lots of additional information. You can also request a dossier from our team.

  2. What’s the difference between a guided-group walking holiday & a self-guided walking holiday?

    On a guided-group holiday, you would join with other walkers on a set itinerary, led by an expert guide and departing on the specified date. Our guided-group tours are limited to small numbers and are a great way to meet other walkers and enjoy your holiday experience together. The guides are very knowledgeable about their local area and you will benefit from extra snippets of information relating to many different topics.

    On a self-guided walking holiday, you will have the independence to choose your own departure date (within the boundaries of the walking seasons). You are free to set off each day at your leisure and go at your own pace. You will be following a set of detailed walking notes and maps to enable you to find the next destination with ease.

  3. What is included in the price of your holidays?

    For each self-guided or guided-group holiday, we provide a full itinerary on our website, along with details of exactly what is included. You may also download a detailed dossier for further information. Our holiday prices are displayed both excluding and including flights. Most of our walking holidays include accommodation, transfers and some meals.

  4. Is every departure guaranteed to run?

    We need a minimum number of participants to run our group departures – this is usually four people. If we are not able to run a group tour, we will offer you an alternative or refund your deposit. Departures that are already guaranteed are shown as such.

  5. Are airport transfers included?

    Some group tour holidays have a free single timed transfer. It will state in the dossier (under the ‘how to join your tour’ section) if there is a free transfer.

  6. Do you offer departures from regional airports?

    Please contact us for a quote for your preferred travel dates and regional departure options.

  7. Am I able to join your tour from outside the UK?

    You have the option of booking the tour on a land-only basis, and can arrive from your preferred airport overseas.

  8. Can I book a self-guided trip as a solo traveller?

    A self-guided trip is arranged with a start date that suits you. It will be organised solely for you and your travelling companions. A lot of our self-guided trips are available for solo travellers; however, there are some that require a minimum of two people travelling together. Please contact us for more information.

  9. Can I extend my stay?

    We can assist you with accommodation arrangements before or after your trip if you wish to stay longer and extend your holiday.

  10. What is the usual size of your groups?

    For all of our scheduled group trips there is both a minimum and maximum group size. These are stated on the individual trip pages in our brochure and on our website. To enable a trip to go ahead, a minimum number of participants required must be reached.

Your Holiday Experience

  1. I have a food allergy. Can this be catered for?

    We try to accommodate all food requirements – please advise us of your requirements at time of booking. Although we endeavour to provide alternative options, it may be difficult in some restaurants to determine if foods are 100% allergen-free. We advise that you take the same precautions that you would when eating out at a restaurant in your home country, and perhaps also take along snacks that you know are safe.

  2. Where can I find the daily distance information?

    This can be viewed on the daily itinerary in the trip dossier.

  3. Are there options for vegetarian meals?

    There is usually a vegetarian option available, and most picnic and buffet-style meals will have lots of salads, rice dishes and breads. Unlike destinations such as India or South-east Asia, where vegetarianism is a well established part of the culture, some countries do not traditionally offer a wide range of options for those who do not eat meat. Please talk to our travel experts if in doubt.

  4. Are the walks optional?

    There may be an opportunity to ride with the luggage transportation vehicle, or to take a taxi, if the group is doing a point-to-point trek, depending on the destination. If it’s a circular trek, and you are returning to the same accommodation, then you can certainly opt out and spend the day at leisure. 

  5. What will the weather be like?

    It is impossible to tell you exactly what the weather will be like for your chosen on holiday on your specific travel dates. We operate most of our holidays only during what is deemed to be the recognised season for trekking/walking within those particular destinations/regions, and even then, there are likely to be climactic variations during these recognised periods; experiencing unseasonal weather is always a possibility. Each trip dossier outlines (wherever practical) weather conditions to be anticipated and a suggested packing list.

Holiday Planning

  1. Where can I view the joining instructions?

    The start and end points of your trip are featured in the dossier under the ‘how to join your tour’ section.

  2. Will I have to carry my main luggage on a trek?

    We provide luggage transfers on all of our treks, so you only need to carry your daypack. The main baggage will be transferred by road, rail, mules or porters.

  3. Can I hire equipment?

    Kit hire such as down sleeping bags and jackets can be hired locally in locations such as Nepal and Peru. Prices and quality can vary but they do cater well for tourists. Alternatively, please contact us and we can recommend a UK provider with national delivery options.

  4. Can I share a twin room to save on cost?

    If you are a solo traveller and would like to save a bit of money, we can allocate you a room which you share with another client of the same sex, where possible.

  5. Do I need to arrange travel insurance?

    It is one of our terms and conditions of booking that you have adequate travel insurance in place before you travel with us and we recommended you take out travel insurance at the time of booking your trip. This will, therefore, provide cover for pre-departure cancellation should you have to cancel your trip for an insured reason such as illness or serious accident preventing you from travelling.

    We work in partnership with Endsleigh, to offer a policy which has been specifically designed to meet your requirements whilst on holiday. This Single Trip Travel insurance policy provides cover including emergency medical assistance and medical costs, protection in the event of cancellation or curtailment, cover for loss, theft of or damage to baggage and personal money.

    For further details or to arrange this comprehensive travel insurance for your holiday, please contact your travel consultant.

  6. Do I need visas & vaccinations?

    To check whether a visa is required, and for the most up-to-date visa information for the country you are visiting, please contact us for details. Your GP, or a specialist vaccination centre, will have access to the most up-to-date information on relevant vaccinations and medical precautions for your destination.

  7. Where can I find Foreign Office Travel Advice?

    We recommend that all Walks Worldwide clients visit the FCO website: before travelling. 

  8. When should I book?

    There are many reasons why it is beneficial to book early. It usually means the lowest air fares can be found, and that you can be more certain of a place on your chosen trip, especially if it’s one of our scheduled guided small group trip departures. Where a particular trip requires a minimum number of participants to reach guaranteed operational status, it is clearly in the best interests of all those wishing to take part to book as early as possible.

    We understand that sometimes you may wish to join a trip close to departure time, and we will always do our best to enable you to book a last-minute walking holiday. Please note that we do not impose a late booking charge. However, higher air fares and restricted availability are more likely to be the result of booking late.