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Alpine classic treks, coastal delights like walking the Lycian Way, island pleasures in Corsica and Corfu, off-the-beaten-track treks in Albania, Romania and Armenia, snowshoe walking in Finland; Europe possibly has more variety and choice of trekking and walking holidays than any other continent. Choose from a range of carefully selected self-guided holidays or guided treks in the Alps, Carpathians, Pyrenees, Balkans, Alpujarras, Tatras and more.


Possibly one of the last great off-the-beaten-track trekking destinations in Europe, Albania has stunning scenery and friendly locals and offers a genuine travel experience.


Discover the fascinating country of Armenia on a walking holiday, where highlights include the volcanic Geghama plateau, Mount Aragats, Yazidi nomads and picturesque turquoise lakes.


Home to stunning alpine scenery and the world famous Salzkammergut region, Austria offers visitors some breathtaking walking trails, scenic lakes and traditional towns and villages.


Portugal's secret paradise, the incredible Azores are known for their bright blue and green lakes, volcanic scenery and panoramic sea views - there is plenty to discover here on a walking holiday.


One of Europe's best kept secrets, trekking in Bulgaria encompasses some of the most dramatic scenery on the continent, particularly in the Rila and Pirin mountain ranges.

Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago, sometimes referred to as 'The Way' or 'The Camino' is a world-famous pilgrimage route and one of the world's greatest travel experiences. A journey of the soul and spirit!

Canary Islands

With a variety of landscapes and diverse flora and fauna, each of the Canary Islands offers a different and unique experience. Walkers will discover something new with every visit.


The stunning island of Corfu is a fantastic place to explore on foot. Walk the world-famous Corfu Trail in a one or two-week itinerary, enjoying scenic views, varied terrain and swimming in turquoise waters.


The beautiful island of Corsica is home to one of the most challenging walks in Corsica - the GR20. Enjoy stunning mountain peaks, scenic coastlines and spectacular gorges.


The Dalmatian coast of Croatia is the ideal destination for a walking holiday, with plenty of sunshine, numerous beautiful islands, a picturesque coastline and a fascinating history and culture.


Finland's wild Taiga forests and glistening lakes make an ideal summer walking destination. Winter brings opportunities for activities such as snowshoeing or seeing the Northern Lights.


Home to the world famous Pyrenees, France offers some beautiful scenery and diverse flora and fauna. Walking trails include the historic Cathar footpath and the classic 'Grand Route', the GR10.


Only five hours flying time from the UK, Georgia is a fascinating and exotic mix of European and Asian influences, and a rewarding destination for experienced walkers.


Germany is a varied destination for a walking holiday, from the beautiful scenery of the magnificent Bavarian Alps to the hidden delights and charming cities of Saxon Switzerland.


The third most mountainous country in Europe, Greece has so much more to offer than sandy beaches. Discover the diversity of Greek islands and the mainland on a self-guided or group walking holiday.


Italy offers a variety of options for walking holidays, from scenic coastal paths in the Amalfi to quiet country trails in delightful Puglia or a trek to the summit of Mount Vesuvius.


A walking holiday in Macedonia will offer you a rich and multi-cultural history, ancient Greek and Roman sites, alongside vibrant and diverse walking trails and peaks.


The 'pearl of the Mediterranean', Montenegro is perfect for a walking holiday, with incredible natural beauty, from clear lakes to fast rivers, and dramatic mountains to picturesque canyons.


Offering some of the wildest mountain walking in Europe, the Carpathian mountains wind their way through Romania to bring you stunning scenery and atmospheric walking trails.


With a warm Mediterranean climate, Sardinia offers walkers opportunities to discover dramatic coastal paths, tackle impressive mountain peaks and hike through spectacular gorges.


Affordable and varied, Slovakia is a great choice for a walking holiday or trekking adventure. Options range from the spectacular High Tatras to the canyons and gorges of the Slovensky Raj.


Enjoy a walking holiday amidst the spectacular scenery of the magnificent Julian Alps, alongside glistening lakes, pristine forests and alpine flower meadows ... stunning Slovenia has it all!


Spain plays host to some classic walking routes, such as the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail, or the Andalucian GR7 trek, and offers a variety of truly delightful walking holidays.


The famous Turquoise Coast in Turkey offers some delightful walking, with the backdrop of the impressive Taurus Mountains. Enjoy picturesque trails and warm azure waters lapping idyllic beaches.