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Which holiday is right for you? It is important you choose a walking holiday that best suits your level of experience and fitness. We grade our trips from easy to strenuous, with easy being the least challenging and strenuous being the most challenging.


These are our easiest walking holidays and usually involve relatively short daily walks. Often these will be low-level walks, with straightforward conditions underfoot. There will be sections of both ascent and descent, but these are usually brief and not sustained. These holidays are suitable for those that enjoy walking and are in good health with a reasonable level of fitness.

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Increasing daily walking times on sometimes rugged forest tracks, mountain trails and footpaths, with considerably more ascent and descent involved, although usually at moderate altitudes. Elements of brief, easy scrambling may be involved. Suitable for most regular hillwalkers who have a reasonable level of fitness. Some days may be more challenging than others.

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More challenging, with some extended walking days, and often longer in trip duration. These walking holidays involve more challenging and mountainous terrain, as well as sustained periods of both ascent and descent. Some will be at higher altitudes and are best suited to experienced walkers with a good level of physical fitness. Elements of scrambling are likely.

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Our hardest walking holidays. Daily walking times will be increasingly long and will involve significant amounts of very challenging ascent and descent at more extreme altitudes. These holidays may also involve walking over difficult terrain in isolated areas, high-mountain passes, glaciated or snow-covered ground and may require basic mountaineering skills.

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If you are uncertain about your ability to take part in any of our walking holidays, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team. Our expert walking consultants are very happy to talk through the options and provide further details.