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Trekking and walking in Asia is about as varied as you can get. Who can resist the lure of the untouched countryside of Myanmar or walking along the Singalila Ridge beneath Kangchenjunga from Darjeeling? Trek along the ancient pilgrimage trails of Japan or in Kerala’s lush Cardamom Hills, or meet the famous hill tribes of northern Vietnam and Laos.


With a wonderful mix of stunning landscapes and friendly locals, alongside a fascinating history and culture, Cambodia has a lot to offer those looking for an adventurous walking holiday.


Incredible India offers a wide range of walking and trekking holidays, from the magnificent peaks of the Himalayas to the lush green trails of Kerala's Cardamom Hills.


Japan offers some excellent walking and trekking in picturesque alpine mountain ranges and on ancient pilgrimage trails, alongside an immersive culture and spiritual experience.


Home to the incredible Tien Shan Mountains and Khan Tengri, one of the world's most beautiful peaks, the beautiful country of Kyrgyzstan is a great option for a challenging walking holiday in Asia.


Laos is a relaxed holiday destination that is still off the beaten tourist track. Stay with colourful and friendly hill tribes, walk through jungle and along paddy fields, and cruise along the mighty Mekong.


An emerging country for tourism and modernisation, Myanmar is a land of beauty, with untouched countryside, ancient temples and some excellent walking opportunities off the beaten track.


Nepal offers some of the best walking holidays in the world, with stunning mountain scenery, varied levels of trekking, and opportunities to meet the friendly Nepalese people.


A walking holiday in Thailand brings incredible landscapes and a variety of terrains from steamy jungle to picturesque mountains and valleys, plus a chance to discover the fascinating hill tribes culture.


The ancient Silk Road passes through Uzbekistan’s mountains and deserts. This is a land of nomads, cities with names that trip off the tongue, and a sense of hospitality almost extinct in the West.


One of the world's greatest adventure trekking and walking holiday destinations, Vietnam is a land of beautiful scenery, people and culture, and home to Fansipan, the highest mountain in Indochina.