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From the Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru to the magnificent spires of Torres del Paine and the wild, wild landscapes of Patagonia, Latin America has got the lot for trekking and walking enthusiasts to experience the holiday of a lifetime.


Set up camp in mountain villages, trek along rivers and forested trails, and marvel at glaciers, advancing inch by slow inch under skies that are impossibly wide – silent, vast, windswept, this is Argentina!


Chile has long been venerated as a top destination for hikers, with a good network of trails amongst extraordinary landscapes, from the granite peaks of Torres del Paine to sub-Antarctic Tierra del Fuego.


The stunning area of Patagonia straddles Argentina and Chile, and is a hiker's dream. Here you can trek amid dramatic mountain scenery, lakes and glaciers in stunning national parks.


Trek to the fabled site of Machu Picchu on ancient Inca trails in this fascinating country, where the terrain is diverse, from sweeping valleys and lush cloud forests to impressive mountain peaks.