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Summit Kilimanjaro

Climb Kilimanjaro and see the roof of Africa. Walks Worldwide focusses on offering the best opportunities of achieving the summit. We avoid the busy Marangu Route and offer the quieter Shira Route or Rongai Route. Hiking Kilimanjaro is a classic trekking holiday.

To plan your ideal Kilimanjaro walking trip, contact one of our trekking consultants today.

Walking holidays and trekking holidays in Tanzania

Holiday ideas for Holidays to Tanzania in Tanzania

Kilimanjaro Summit - The Rongai Route | 10 days | From £1,755

Trekking holiday in Tanzania - Group - Kilimanjaro Summit - The Rongai Route | 10 days | From £1,755

Climbing Kilimanjaro involves considerable preparation and training and our specialist consultants can advise on the best way to reach the summit. The Rongai Route will take you via a beautiful route ...

Grade D - Strenuous

Kilimanjaro Summit - The Shira Route | 12 days | From £2,177

Trekking holiday in Tanzania - Group - Kilimanjaro Summit - The Shira Route | 12 days | From £2,177

Kilimanjaro trekking is probably at its best on the Shira route. This Kili climb takes a slightly longer route and offers a real wilderness experience on the way to the summit. Have you thought about ...

Grade D - Strenuous

Tanzania Extensions

Trekking holiday in Tanzania - Tanzania Extensions

After you have conquered Kilimajaro, you can reward yourself with a safari in Tanzania's amazing National Parks which are close enough to Kili that you don't have to travel too far. Or rest your tired...

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Grades Explained

Grade A - Easy - Easy
Grade B - Moderate - Moderate
Grade C - Demanding - Demanding
Grade D - Strenuous - Strenuous
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