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Walking Holidays in Japan

Unique Japan is the place to go for an immersive experience in a different culture, spectacular forests, spiritual atmospheres, and of course picturesque mountain trails. Our walking and trekking holidays to Japan include a complementary blend of nature, old and new. Highlights include exploring the ancient pilgrimage trails, discovering historical towns and villages, and embracing the modern cities and life in Japan.

Japan is famed for its alpine mountain ranges - the Akaishi, Hida and Kiso Mountains. Here, walkers can enjoy trails that have been used for thousands of years for trade and pilgrimages by common-folk and Emperors alike. Blessed with some of the most incredible flora - up to 6,000 species - and a haven for endemic animals such as the Japanese giant salamander, Japanese macaque and Japanese woodpecker, working your way through these trails provides some of the most vivacious outdoor experiences in Asia.

"When I think of my time in Japan, the main memories are experiencing the sprituality of the country, encountering pristine forests, and discovering a place like no other" - Jon, Ancient Trails of Japan

Walks are on mountain and forest trails with mostly good conditions underfoot, sometimes rough and rocky. This trip is suitable for those with good mountain walking experience and those looking to add a slight challenge to their walking. Accommodation is in hotels and Ryokans.

The best time of year for walking in Japan is spring and autumn, when whether condtions are best for exploring the mountains and forests and experiencing the changing colours of the seasons.

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Ancient Trails of Japan | 14 days | From £3999

Walking Holidays in Japan - Group - Ancient Trails of Japan | 14 days | From £3999

The journey begins in the metropolis of Tokyo, before swiftly transitioning to the remote and sparse mountain regions that dominate the spine of Japan. After you have traversed the sacred Togakushi Mo...

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